Sport Karate

 Team PVT consists of elite athletes choosing to demonstrate their skills on the karate circuit. Our dedicated students train relentlessly to master their skills in fighting, weaponry, Kata,and self-defense to test their abilities against others across the world. Competing not only provides titles, trophy's, and monetary rewards, but also provides continuous motivation to excel to their next level. Team P.V.T. holds 51 World Titles and has had the largest team in the history of Sport Karate with 58 competing members. Our team has won 1000's of local, regional, national, and international titles, becoming one of the teams with the most wins on the circuit. Team P.V.T. has been ranked as one of the top  Sport Karate schools in the World. Our team has been covered by Sport Karate Magazine, Sports Martial Arts Magazine, Action Martial Arts Magazine., and has been on TV shows such as WXII channel 12, Martial Arts TV (in LA), Across the Canvas Productions, and NBC's "Americas Got Talent" featuring finalist Alex Pyles and Grand Master Dean Pyles. TV channels  include ESPN, ESPN international, and Blitz Kicks. Grand Master Dean Pyles was in the Lions Gate movie "Warrior" with Nick Nolte, "The Avenger", "Fighting for the Family", "Registered Lethal", and the upcoming movie "The Favorite" .