Advanced MMA/Sparring/Open MMA



Advanced MMA  Class  Tues 7:30-8:30 PM

Sparring/Open MMA  Class Friday 6-8:30 PM

 Need Instructor approval. This class will test your  skills and refine  and improve old techniques.


Gear Requirements:

Leather boxing and MMA gloves



Hand wraps

Groin cup

Shin pads


You are expected to have the appropriate gear at all times, NO EXCUSES!!!


Open MMA

In class you will learn the foundation of all three phases  of the fight game: Stand up, Clinch, and Ground phase. Students will learn to use the Pyles Vale Tudo fighting system, which will blend all the previous styles seamlessly together into one fierce fighting system. You will learn and create striking combinations, take downs, ground positioning, control striking, and submissions.  Students will also  develop the ability to anticipate and react to their opponents offense, defense, as well as countering these attacks. You will need to invest in your own gear equipment.

Gear Requirements: 

16 oz. leather boxing gloves

MMA gloves



Groin cup

Pull over shin grads

ASAP for this class / all this can be purchase eat the E.C.M.A. Pro Sho



Ju-Jutsu/Judo, Sambo, Greco Roman Wrestling Class Tues 6-7:30 PM

Gi and Non Gi open to all levels. This is a unique class as we focus on diversifying skill levels and techniques. Students will also learn sweeps and locks from Hapkido and Karate as well as Judo and Greco Roman take downs, throws, controls, and submissions of Ju-Jutsu and Sombo. It is not unusual to have a chance to grapple with guys from the MMA team.


Gear Requirements:



Groin Cup



American, Muay Thia, San Shoa 

Class Mon & Thurs 7:30-8:30 PM

For men and women!!! Whether you are a new  learner or wanting to keep your skill's sharp, you will love this class. This class provides phenomenal cardio BUT is NOT a cardio class! This class teaches you functional kickboxing techniques for all levels. This class covers basic to advance kickboxing techniques including punches, kicks, knees, elbows, offensive and defensive  foot work, focus mitt  and heavy bag drills, clinch fighting,  and dirty boxing for MMA. This class will train you to be a kickboxer, get you in the best shape of your life, and supplement your MMA to make you the best fighter possible!


Gear Requirements:




Hand wraps

16 oz. boxing gloves

Pull over shin pads


Students of these classes may compete on our kick boxing or MMA team (MMA team will require grappling class. Before sparring the student will have to have headgear.)

L.A.S.T. Defense


Lethal,  Assault, Survival, Tactics

Weds 6-7:30 PM


In today's world you need a self-defense system that actually works, that's No Nonsense, and gets right down to business. Does this sounds like something you're looking for? Then why not use the self defense system used and preferred by the United States Military Special Forces. L.A.S.T. DEFENSE was created to ensure the military could accomplish mission objectives and for Law Enforcement to secure arrests in high-risk situations where escalation of force may become lethal. Now we are offering this  easily learned -no nonsense self defense system to civilians. L.A.S.T. DEFENSE will cover the use and application of hand-to-hand combat, as well as the use, retention, and disarmament of the primary, secondary ,and tertiary  weapons. 





L.A.S.T. DEFENSE has four levels.


Level 1. Hand to hand combat including clinch fighting and ground fighting. 


Level 2. Blunt and bladed objects - use, retention and disarmament. 


Level 3. Firearms- use, retention and disarmament.


Level 4. Survival - students learn survival skills for various situations  including learning how to create makeshift weapons as well as escaping and/ or evading capture.


L.A.S.T. also has a rape and sexual assault prevention and Protection Program . L A.S.T. DEFENSE is for self-protection and is a great class for anyone wanting to be able to protect, themselves, their families, and their loved ones. L.A.S.T. also has an active shooters program called G.A.S.T. DEFENSE for schools and/ or businesses. This program will cover how to secure your business or school and how to successfully take down a active shooter, without extensive training. You don't have to be in great shape or have a lot of physical strength, just the willingness to protect innocent lives. Don't waste another second, sign up now! You never know when you will  encounter an attacker and L.A.S.T. DEFENSE will be the LAST thing standing between you and an assailant!!!

MMAXP/Boot Camp


MMAXP/Boot Camp  Class Mon-Fri  9AM (Starts Sept 3rd)

A fitness class for men and women that will take you and your body to the next level mentally and physically. You will gain strength, cardio, flexibly, and look and feel the best you have ever felt in your life. Be prepared to work hard and sweat. You have nothing to lose but fat.

Gear Requirements:

Hand wraps

Work out or grip gloves

16 oz. boxing gloves

So have fun, get in shape and lose weight!!!

Tae Kwon Do


Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido/Shotok/Weapons 

Class Mon & Thurs 6-7:30PM



This Class is available for kids and adults. It covers beginner to advance techniques in traditional and extreme martial arts and weapons for self-defense and/or competition. Students will learn self-defense, commitment, dedication, loyalty and gain self-confidence, self-respect, strength, endurance, and flexibility, etc. Students in these classes may join our internationally ranked sport karate team. Ask for more details. (Our team is ranked in the top 5 sport karate schools in the world and has never lost a self-defense since starting in 1995).


Weapons/Traditional/Extreme: Bo (long & short), nunchaku, fan, sais, kamas, tonfas, stick, long knife, 3-sectional staff, and sword!



Gear Requirement:


Student or middle weight uniform Gi or Do Bak with school logo


Groin cup for boys

Foam dipped sparring gear before sparring is aloud.


Note: Team members will need a team uniform or uniforms if competing in a weapons division and must have a Weapon.